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Accessibility brought to Central Mass
On the eve of recreational sales in Massachusetts in late 2018, Cultivate's president and owner,  Sam Barber, visited CBS Boston to give viewers a deeper look into the local marijuana industry.

Here at Cultivate, we strive to be a wealth of information and variety for our communities. We offer both medical and adult-use products. Whether we produce or outsource a product, we provide the best quality cannabis. We’ve studied cannabis extensively and developed top-notch products to ensure customers have an enjoyable experience.

Our team is a group of passionate individuals that are knowledgeable and caring. We welcome all people into our doors, ready to answer questions so that users may consume our products safely. Through passion, dedication, and commitment, we do our part to uplift the communities around us.

Cultivate Communities First

Growth Starts Here

Cultivate is committed to making a difference in the communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the prohibition of marijuana. 

While as an organization, Cultivate is adding jobs and bringing revenue to the town ofLeicester, we want to make an even more significant impact.  

As a first step, we have committed to giving ten percent of gross sales, on the first day of every month, to local charities and non-profits, serving communities and populations in need across Massachusetts.  

We hope by setting aside money and giving it directly to organizations helping disproportionately impacted areas including the homeless, veterans and families we can impact those most in need directly.

If you are part of a 501C3 non-profit that might need assistance, please email partnershipprogram@cultivatemass.com.

We are Growing!

We are looking to grow our team with people who are passionate about helping others and sharing their knowledge of cannabis with customers, patients and caregivers. If you are fun, friendly and super motivated with a strong desire to make a difference, apply below and let's connect!

Click here to view current job openings

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