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Become a patient

Becoming a medical marijuana patient has significant benefits!

Only 3 easy steps


Find a certified doctor

In Massachusetts, a doctor must be certified by the state to provide medical marijuana recommendations. If you and your certified doctor agree that using medical marijuana to treat your condition is the right course of action, then the doctor will provide you (and the Cannabis Control Commission) with a letter of recommendation and a Registration Number.


Register with the State

You will need to use the Registration Number given to you by your physician to complete the medical marijuana (MMJ) online registration process.


Visit Cultivate

Bring your state issued Medical Use of Marijuana Program ID card and one form of state-issued identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. We will answer any questions you may have.

Patient benefits

  • Larger purchase limits - as a medical-use patient, you could buy up to 10oz within 60 days compared to a 1oz limit per transaction for adult-use consumers.
  • Access to special selections - we reserve 40% of all our available products for our medical patients.
  • Our medical patients can get large dose cannabis-infused items that are not available to adult-use customers.
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