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MA Strain Reviews - Saturday Morning

MA Strain Reviews - Saturday Morning

MA Strain Reviews - Saturday Morning


Nick gives us his take on this new "ready-to-roll" product.

This uplifting and balanced hybrid tastes fruity and a bit creamy, with effects of happiness and relaxation.


This ready-to-roll flower product is pre-ground for convenience, and allows you to fill up a cone or bowl easily without needing to grind up what you want to smoke. I found my quarter to be made up of small popcorn buds and leaves. There weren’t very many stems; no more than you’d expect to find in a quarter of premium flower. It’s a fairly coarse grind, perfect for a large bowl, and can be easily broken down further between your fingers if you need to, for say, vaporization. Owing to the fact it’s pre-ground, it was a little dry, but leaving a 62% Boveda pack in it for a day or so definitely brought it back to life.


Due to the fact that this was a little dry when I first got it, its sweet smell was what mainly came across. After hydrating it for a day and a half I was able to really bring out a bit more nuance from this bud. I got earthy almost baked goods tones off this and it provided me with a really mellow experience.


Water pipe: As a note, this was post-hydration, so some of the moisture and flavor had returned to the flower. I packed half a gram right out of the container into my bowl; it burned to a gray ash and smoked well, providing a smooth smoke that was easy to clear.

Joint: This was pre-hydration. I rolled half a gram into a regular 1 1/4 paper using a Raw tip. There were still small buds that I needed to break up by hand before I could roll, but I liked that it wasn’t ground too finely. You can always break it down further yourself if you need to. Since it wasn’t as moist as it could have been, it was a little harsh. After rolling another with hydrated material, I had a much more pleasant experience. It was a smooth smoke that gave a faintly sweet smoke, and gave way to some really pleasant effects.


Saturday Morning ended up being the perfect strain for a Saturday morning smoke. It relaxed me, and put me in a good mood. It wasn’t a terribly stoney high--I was able to get up and function fine--but I didn’t mind it. The mood elevation didn’t have me in giggles but it brought a smile to my face and made my morning a bit better. I didn’t find that it stimulated my appetite, nor did it make me anxious or my thoughts race. It wasn’t on either extreme of the Indica/Sativa spectrum. I’m really glad I grabbed a quarter of it just to keep around, because it’s super convenient when I just want to pack a quick bowl and relax or roll a joint.

Nick enjoys exploring new cannabinoids for therapeutic use, and producing reviews on cannabis products from all over the state. He prefers an extreme on either end of the spectrum--a strong Sativa (like NF1) or a relaxing Indica (like Chocolate OG). Concentrates are his preferred smoking method. He also enjoys making infusions and spending time in nature.
You can read Nick's other reviews on his Instagram at: @mastrainreviews

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