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MA Strain Reviews - Betty's Eddies

MA Strain Reviews - Betty's Eddies

MA Strain Reviews - Betty's Eddies

FLAVOR: Elderbetty

Nick delights as he tries Betty's Eddies infused fruit chews.



These are standout even down to the packaging; it’s big, it’s quality, it’s attractive and informative. You tear the paper-coated Mylar top off the bag, unseal it, pop it open and reveal ten delicious pieces of deep purple taffy, speckled with bits of real fruit! These chews come wrapped up like regular pieces of saltwater taffy. I have to say, visually, they’re super appealing!


This is one of my favorite aspects of this edible--the texture. The taffy has an amazing mouthfeel, it’s super high quality on its own. There are bits of freeze-dried elderberry and blueberry in there that add little bits of crunch. They didn’t stick to my teeth and break down as you chew. I had no problem eating them one after another. It was really hard not to eat them all in one sitting!


Along with the terrific texture, the flavor is just astounding! There’s a slight tartness from the elderberries backed up by a lovely sweetness from the blueberries, and other natural flavorings. It’s a complex and delicious sweetness; it isn’t just a sugar bomb like most taffy is (although it definitely still is that). Layered on top of all that is the fact that these are full spectrum and there is an ever so slight hint of cannabis that does let you know it’s full spectrum. I think it compliments the sweetness of the berry exceptionally well, providing a nice, slightly-herbal backdrop for the whole flavor profile. Especially with the bits of freeze-dried berry. Each one is like eating a spoonful of elderberry and blueberry jam.


Each piece is dosed out to 5mg! I loved the effects. They brought on a smooth high that didn’t make me drowsy at all. It was creative and fun, and it didn’t bring on the munchies either. A really nice edible high, to match a really nice product.


These are pretty natural, they contain real fruit, and vegetable extract (I believe as part of the flavoring). On top of using top quality ingredients they’re gluten-free and dairy-free, and are vegan as well! They offer a ton of other awesome flavors, some highlights are the Bedtime Eddies which also contain 2mg of melatonin per piece! There’s also the Smashin’ Passion flavor which are said to be a natural aphrodisiac, too!

Nick enjoys exploring new cannabinoids for therapeutic use, and producing reviews on cannabis products from all over the state. He prefers an extreme on either end of the spectrum--a strong Sativa (like NF1) or a relaxing Indica (like Chocolate OG). Concentrates are his preferred smoking method. He also enjoys making infusions and spending time in nature.
You can read Nick's other reviews on his Instagram at: @mastrainreviews

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